How to Enter Topics and Keywords

How we are categorizing by topics and keywords to build an electronic path to match your qualifications with the needs of the individual making the request.


  • Status: – by status we mean the position you hold now - CEO, Sargeant, teacher, etc - or a position you have held that is relevant to the topic or presentation you are offering. The list of possibilities might inlcude:

    • Veteran (what branch, what rank, what military campaigns, what decorations,etc​

    • First Responder: ​What role, how long, etc

    • Educator: Trainer, Mediator, Coach, motivational speaker, employment recruiter

    • Writer/Author: 

    • Medical Provider: Doctor, Nurse, Therapist, etc.​

  • Keywords: by keywords we mean words that indicate, generally, the topic of your presentation. 

    • What: policing, teaching, serving.

    • Where: Afghanistan, neighborhood, city, state, the White House, park, etc.

    • When: WWII, Viet Nam, the 50s, 1982, etc

Try to hold both your status words and your keywords to about five or six words in each category.