Three Creeks Rotary

Three Creeks Rotary is a sponsor of the Speakers' Corner ("Guest Speakers Bureau"). We are a local club dedicated to serving the communities of Ridgefield, north Clark County, and the greater Vancouver/Portland region. For further information about Three Creeks, go here.

CMAC (Community Military Appreciation Committee)

CMAC is a co-sponsor of the Speakers' Corner/Guest Speakers Bureau. CMAC is a non-profit organization founded in 2010, created for the purpose of connecting Veteran advocacy and support organizations in and around SW Washington. CMAC is an all-inclusive, community-driven, non-military organization where everyone is welcome. To learn more, go here.

Braver Angels

Launched in 2016 as Better Angels, now Braver Angels is a bipartisan citizens' movement to re-unify our divided nation. By bringing Red and Blue Americans together into a working alliance, seeking bipartisan, collaborative problem-solving, we're laying the foundations for changing the political landscape and changing how things get done at all levels of governance. ultimately putting COUNTRY over Party. To find out more about this organization, go here.

Meetup offers a list of local organizations of all kinds: political, social, and more. Check in here and you're almost sure to find a group that will be interested in the same ideas or activities that you are looking for. For example, "Crossing Party Lines," "We the People," and "Unite America" might be of interest, but there are many more. To start exploring, go here.

NoLabels and the Problem-Solvers Caucus

Founded in 2010 as an effort to restore bipartisan collaborations in Congress, their "Problem-Solvers" caucus in Congress is a genuine effort to set party politics aside and get things done on Capitol Hill. To learn more about this effort to find compromise and put country over party, go here

Dreyfuss Civics Initiative

Prioritizing Civics Education Nationwide. Learn more here