Using the Speaker's Roster


The originators/webmasters of this resource have not vetted the volunteer guest speakers beyond verifying the volunteer speaker's membership in one or more civic organizations. Our vetting does not include thorough background checks such as might be required by schools. Therefore, the requester should follow protocols consistent with their school's or organization's guidance. 


PRIVACY: Neither Requester's nor Speaker's personal information will be displayed to the general public, or to any entity not associated with Speakers Corner or this site's stated goal. Once a Requester requests a Speaker on a particular topic  (requests are done via email and the information supplied is viewed only by the Speakers Bureau moderators), the Speaker candidate(s) who have related experience will be notified by email and, if they are interested and available, the Requester's contact information will be conveyed to the volunteer Speaker. The two parties can then work out the details: date, time, location, topic title, etc.